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My family moved to Maple Valley in 1999, attracted to the natural beauty of the city and the surrounding area. Since then I have been active in many aspects of our community. I have served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Maple Valley Community Center and the Maple Valley Historical Society, along with other organizations. As part of the City Council, I serve on the Council’s Finance, Communications and SR169 Safety committees.

United By A Common Goal

 Maple Valley is a highly sought-after community to live and raise families. It has retained its small town feel while continuing to grow. The transportation and economic development concerns which will allow our fellow residents to work, shop and play in town must be solved as we plan our future growth. As councilor, I will continue working on improving SR169, the development of the Legacy Site and planning for a Downtown Maple Valley. Together, we can tackle the tough challenges ahead!


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I can't win this race without your help. Door hangers, word-of-mouth, and sign waving are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

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Maple Valley 6 year Transportation Improvement Plan

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